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Because amazing things happens when the right people get together. Some folks have the ideas, some are better at building things to make them happen. We see it over and over again; people come to us because they lack the skills and experience to design and build technology solutions for the problems they want to solve.

The tech solutions we’ve built have helped a trucking company know exactly where a truck is located at any given time and communicate better with the drivers out on the road. We helped jazz fans find the answer to the burning question, “Where can I listen to live music… tonight?” We helped restaurant and building inspectors leave the pen and paper behind as they file electronic reports out in the field. We’ve eliminated crime scene inefficiencies.

It’s all exciting stuff. But we’re especially interested in learning more about your great idea and how, together, we can make it reality. Let’s talk.

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We would love to talk to you about your project. Please send us an email (hello@pulleyweb.com) to get things started. Thank you!

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